Here's why it is critical to focus on your positioning

Your sales are a little flat right now...am I right? It's ok, this can be remedied.Simon (Sinek) says start with why for a GOOD reason.In business I think we need to be more like Charles Eames, strip it back to the essence and sell that. You do not need more products to do well. No matter how many times your PR agent badgers you for a NEW collection because 'that's what journos want', tell them to do one and get better at their job, selling YOU! You are a small business and you sell fantastic products. And BTW journalists want to shout about great brands with great stories. That is YOU!

📗 Grab your notepad:

1. Why should your customers buy from you?

2. Look over all your products / services. What is NOT working. Remove it and improve it next year. Refine, don't add.

3. What are your processes saying? Is your backend streamlined to ensure your customers always receive the best service? Check your automated emails and your welcome series, put their needs first.

4. Do you know when to sell? A customer needs to hear/ see your story 11+ times before they are gagging to to hit PAY NOW. This about that and tell your story. Think about your content plan and your customer journey so you can factor in the 11 times you need to tell a snippet of your story before you give them a reason to buy.

5. Map out your customer journey and stick it on your wall. Or book a Strategy Session with me and we can get clear on this.

6. What resonates with your customers? Have you delved into what your customer wants, who they are and why you are their best choice? Read this to get clear on your purpose.

7. Check your product / service descriptions, are they compelling?

8. DO you check out your competition and imitate them? If so, STOP right now, thank you very much, you need your own brand's touch!

9. ✏️ If your last customer described what working with you / buying from you was like what would they say?

I hope this helped further you in your business journey!

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