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I've been there. The first steps are SO exciting! Creating, sourcing, manufacturing, designing, styling shoots, choosing fonts, colours, platform etc. But the next steps are harder. Cashflow, strategy, marketing, PR, networking, partnerships...you need wear all the hats, smile and grit your teeth whilst you ride the wave.

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Hi! I'm Georgina... founder of Studio Folk Lore, a website design studio built to work with creative folk. Like YOU!

I have worked with well-known lifestyle brands, makers, movers and shakers for a decade. My greatest skill is weaving together the intricate threads of strategy, aesthetics and systems. (I love systems.) More importantly, my objective is to set you off into the world feeling prepared and confident about running your business. Not just armed with a beautiful website.

Lovely aesthetics and technical skills get you only so far in business. Substance, solid foundations and strategy get you further. A wise man once asked me candidly when I started my first business Nomad (a successful homewares brand), "so, what's your route to market?". Those wise words helped me hugely. I realised I couldn't create a products, post the images on Instagram and hope for the best. I needed a strategy and a the right mindset too. This is some of the work I hope to do with you.

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Through a creative and holistic step by step process we will develop a strategy you can actually execute. Everyone has their capacity, whether you are a working mother with 10 hours a week, single and 10 years deep into your passion project, or both. There is a solution to your feeling stuck, muddled or generally not know what on earth to do next.

As a small business founder I understand where you are at, facing a different set of decisions every day that will affect your future. What I offer my clients are personal, bespoke and well-structured services.

My experience in business means that I am not just a designer. I understand cash flow, route to market, sales funnels, social strategy, product photography, art direction, sourcing products and executing a strategy. What I want is for us to create a strong foundation for your business so you can run your company.

Do you feel that Folk Lore's services are right for you? If you are in the area let's meet up for coffee and a chat about your business. If you are interested in a specific service ping me an email. I'd love to hear from you and potentially work together.

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Above all, I feel that creating a good partnership is important in every project. The process of designing a website is quite intense.
I've been told I am a real good listener (report back when we work together) and that my clients feel that I care about their success. A good deal of cooperation is essential and mutually beneficial.
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Slick systems

I love a system and creating processes. They take the pressure off our daily workflow and help create routines. Our projects are run on Asana (my favourite). Each phase is logically mapped out so all project members can cooperate on the same page. This allows for creativity to flow in and out of the system.
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Clear communication

Good, clear and honest communication is essential in all facets of life. We keep our comms and project management logged in Asana. This avoids long email chains, lost files and the like.
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Inspire confidence

Starting and running a business is rarely a breeze and many founders feel like they winging it. Big secret...everyone is! When we work together I do my best to show you the ropes too, no problem is too small to have a chat about and (generally) no problem is too large to tackle.
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"We business owners need as much daily care as our businesses do! Keep your body healthy and your mindset clear. Make sleep, nature and joy a priority in your personal life."

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